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It's me Salem. I apologize for my lack of information lately. It's been a hectic couple of months. As all of my readers know old Jer was going into the hospital for a kidney transplant October 11th. The surgery ended up being more complicated than originally thought, but was a success. Secondary complications have really slowed his recovery and recently he had to enter the hospital again because of infections. Personally, I thought he was tougher than this, but I judge easily.

During this time I have been staying at the animal hospital. Aunt Melissa, Nikki, Johnna, Darnell and Dana among others have been very kind to me. Melissa lets me come to her house for weekends. As much as they have helped me, I really do miss the old guy. This is the first time we have missed each other's birthdays and yes the old coot turned 61.

I had a very special visit recently, the lady who donated her kidney came to see me. Stefani seemed really nice and I tried my best to thank her with hugs and kisses.

I am hoping to go home in the next couple of weeks. I really miss my stomping grounds in Bristol.

Again, I'm sorry about not writing earlier. Jer's brother Tom called me and said it was time. Penny Ann told me how much the hospital chair Tom brought her helped her get Jer up and around.

Finally, thank you Penny for taking care of me especially through the worse times.

Remember to be careful of table food during the holidays. It can make your pets very ill.

Your friend ---- Salem

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