Salem's Corner Winter 2009 - 2010


Hi it's me Salem again. Just to remind you I am Dr. Balonek's smarter half. I turned 5 this past October, but still maintain my good looks.

The last time I wrote about problems associated with warm weather. We have obviously moved on to a new, colder season. The nice thing is fleas and heart worms take the winter off. Heart worm prevention will start again in April. Don't forget to start.

The biggest worry most people have with the cold weather is how will we tolerate it. Actually, most of us dogs love the cold and snow. Owners just have to use common sense. If we're all wet, bring us in. Some breeds, like Chihuahua's will probably need coats and can only stay out for short amounts of time. Normally, most of us are fine if we can stay dry and get out of the wind.

Personally, I love snow and cold. I also know I can stay out longer than old man Jerry.

Remember in the winter to still take us for walks, otherwise we tend to gain weight just like our masters. Often our coats will get dry and flaky. If this happens call the office for some simple remedies. Watch the feet of your pets. Some salts will irritate or burn their pads and feet. Try to buy the pet safe salts.

With Valentines day coming up, be very careful to not let your pets eat chocolate. We wont turn it down, but it can make us very sick.

A common question this past year was, “can my pets get the H1N1 virus?” At first it was thought that our pets were immune to it. The latest information is the virus has been detected in cats, dogs, ferrets, pigs, and turkeys. The numbers are small, but it does occur. Check with the hospital if you have any questions.

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