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Hi Guys,

It's me Salem, famous dog companion to Dr. Balonek. I know it's been a long time and I apologize. Things have been hectic at home and at the hospital.

First the old man continues to deteriorate. He ended up in the hospital for over 40 days with an infected hip that required surgery. He still has to use a walker to get around but he has started working part time. I'm starting to wonder if he is worth the work I'm putting into him.

Things at the hospital have changed. Our office manager and one of Doc's best friends, Katie Piccone, passed away after a long battle with cancer. I will really miss her because she was never too busy to give me a treat and a hug. She was like that with everyone.

In April Dr. Gino Sementa left us. He bought Webster Animal Hospital and will be missed. Replacing him is Dr. Michael DeLucia, a recent graduate of Ross University. He seems like a nice guy and this is his start as a veterinarian.

The hospital is also breaking in three new receptionists. This might mean some delays at the desk, so be patient. Feel free to talk to Dr. B. or Donna if you run into any problems.

With summer here the allergy season is upon us. In dogs and cats this shows more with itching than respiratory signs associated with people. Especially if you notice your friend licking feet more than normal, call the office. Being a fellow dog we do love to eat everything. This can include new plants, insects, mulch, fertilizer and debris left over from winter. This and insect bites often cause an allergic reaction that causes our faces to swell. Again, call the office for help.

This is the time of the year to begin your heartworm, flea, and tick meds. Do not ignore these, especially heartworm disease. It is easy to prevent and difficult and expensive to treat.

Well, my paw is getting tired from writing, but I will try to stay on time with my columns.

Thanks Salem

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