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Hi - It's me again, trusted companion to Dr. B, also known as old Jer.

It is time that all of your dog friends are on heartworm preventative. Remember, it's still hard for your Dr. to get heartworm treatment medication, so the prevention is critical. ( Bet you didn't think I knew that word).

As the weather gets better, expect your pets that have allergies to start itching again. Talk to your vet to see if a treatment is needed and the options. There are several different therapies for allergies.

With the warmer weather, be very careful on taking dogs and cats in the car. Sunny days in the 70's are enough to cause heat stroke. It's a matter of minutes for the car to get too hot. This is one of the most horrible ways to die.

With heartworm, fleas, and ticks now a problem it can get expensive to treat. Don't be afraid to talk to your vet about alternative ways to get your medications. If you can get medications at the local pet store, or internet pharmacies, don't be afraid to ask your Dr. for a prescription. Legally if you ask for a script it can not be refused.

This is the time of the year that baby animals start coming into the hospital. While the hospital will gladly help, please try to leave healthy animals with their parents. Baby birds can be put back into nests. It's an old wives tale that birds can smell human scent on their babies. A nest can also be put back.

Fawn's are starting to be born. If the mother is not dead (ie-you don't see a dead doe) leave it alone. The mother will come back. Injured fawns will be treated, but healthy fawns with live mothers will be refused. Please remember about 50% of the animals dropped off for rehab are beyond repair and are humanely euthanized. We try our best but often the injuries are too severe.

Again, be very careful with your friends and the heat. Sometimes you have to think for us.

-- Salem

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