Salem's Corner Spring 2011

Salem's Corner


Hi, It's your favorite over weight lab, Salem. Old Jer (who might want to try this diet) has started me on R/D food. I'm 6 1/2 years old and he wants me to be healthy a long time. Since I will eat anything, it is worth a try.

We are well into heartworm, flea and tick season. I love those Heartguard pills but the flea/tick medicine itches for a few minutes. Oh well, as long as it keeps them off me. I like running in the woods and would hate not being allowed to.

The hospital is very busy. They are working on getting the web site set so you can order your meds there. One of our techs, Nikki, has just about got it ready to go. Feel free to ask about it on your next visit.

Because of how busy the Doctors are, it becomes very important to tell what are emergencies. In a recent USA paper a Dr. Becker had a list that is very useful. This included:

  1. Non-stop bleeding
  2. Heat stroke (remember we can't sweat enough)
  3. Abdominal distress, we try to vomit and can't or won't lay down, belly deems distended
  4. Ate poison, this includes grapes, xylital (in non sugar gums) or anti freeze and lillies
  5. Seizures or coma
  6. Persistent vomit
  7. My friend, the cats howling while trying to urinate especially the males.

All of these are true emergencies. Make sure the receptionist or technician know the condition and you will be brought in.

On a hospital note, several people have been tested as a possible donor for Jer. They have passed the first part and will now get tested for health issues. Both Jer and I thank everyone who has been tested or tried to get tested.

We are still holding the biggest loser contest. In it , your dog or cat must go on the prescription for R/D. This is what I am on. I still don't think I need it. At the end of the contest, the dog and cat with the highest percentage lost wins. The winners will have free vet care at East Ridge for a full year. This includes any emergency, surgery, and prescription food. If interested call Dr. Jennifer Markel for details.

Enjoy the nice weather - Salem

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