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Hi, It's me Salem again. I lost track of time since my last notes. Summer is finally upon us. PLEASE!!! Remember your friends, both dogs, cats and birds don't handle the heat well. We don't really sweat. Because of this, as the temperature gets above 75-80 degrees, we start to suffer. If you let us out, make sure we have shade and water. Make sure we don't start panting a lot or seem to lose our coordination. If that happens immediately try to cool us down with cold water and get into your vet. This is a true emergency. As dogs, our life is geared to being with you and playing with you. Our heart overrides our brain and it gets us into trouble. My friends, the cats, they seem smarter. They wait until it cools down to play.

The pet that surprises people is the birds. Granted they were originally tropical animals, but our friends are now all born in America. They are not used to hot weather. My personal friend at home is Gwen, the African grey parrot. Jer always keeps a fan blowing on her in the heat.

Speaking of the old guy, you should hear him in the hot weather. Every year he complains a little more than last. Thank goodness it never lets him forget to feed me.

The kidney watch is progressing. His first match Stephanie is getting further tests this month. I am hoping he gets his kidney so I can have him full time.

All of these are true emergencies. Make sure the receptionist or technician know the condition and you will be brought in.

Don't forget your heartworm medication.

Thanks for reading- Salem

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