Salem's Corner Summer 2010

Salem's Corner


Hi, another letter from Salem. I apologize for not writing earlier, but I have been busy taking care of the old guy, Dr. Balonek. I call him Jer. He seems to be doing well with his dialysis, but it makes me sad that I can't go with him. He says it is something about sterility, but I know he had me sterilized when I was a puppy. Oh well, I have more important things to do like chasing the squirrels out of the yard.

We are in a 90 degree hot spell now. Please think of your animal companions. We must have shade, water, and help keeping us cool. This even includes pet birds. They are not used to this type of heat and are very susceptible to overheating. Jer has a fan for Gwen (our African Grey) and for me. He even has one for his aquarium. My favorite moments in the heat are riding in Jer's truck and going to work with him. Both are air conditioned.

Make sure your canine friends are on heartworm meds. If not, get tested and start your meds.

Also, make sure vaccines are up to date, especially the puppies. Jer says they have seen and treated a lot of dogs with parvo. These poor pups sure do look sad. This is a disease that with proper vaccines would never occur.

The last few years East Ridge has been vaccinating for lyme disease. This is the disease transmitted by deer ticks. If you think your dog has exposure to areas that deer live, call the office to get vaccinated.

Remember to feed puppies and kittens good name brand foods. No table food. The part I don't like is Gwen gets really neat things from the table. What old Jer doesn't realize is Gwen shares her treats with me.

I will try to write a new letter more quickly next time.

See you at the animal hospital

- Salem

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