Salem's Corner Summer 2009


Hi, my name is Salem and I am a four and a half year old lab, but I am Dr. Baloneks friend and companion I am going to try and give advice and help on caring for your families pets.

As the warm weather approaches please remember to have your dogs tested and treated with heartworm preventative. It is also time to treat them and outdoor cats for ticks and fleas. Old Dr. B (I call him Jerry) says its only been the last few years that the ticks love being a problem, but now he sees more pets with them than fleas.

Be careful on the hot days. Being a black lab, I know the heat really gets to me. Don't leave us in cars or outdoors without shade and water. If your pet starts excessive panting, has trouble standing, or is collapsing, get them to the hospital immediately. If you can't get in, hose your friend down with cold water. This is a condition where it is safer to overreact than ignore.

On our website we will feature a monthly employee pet and client pet. You will see that the employee pets suffer from the same diseases that your pets do and hopefully our stories will help guide you. Also, if you want to send in questions, I will answer them the next month. We also have a section where you can order medication and have it sent to your house.

On a final note, a lot of you have noticed that Jerry has reduced his hours of work. He is not retiring. Last summer, he went into kidney failure and started dialysis. He still enjoys his job and will try to work as much as possible. Be patient with him if he seems a little slow.

P.S. - I come to work each day with Jerry and feel free to say hi to me. You can find me in the aviary.

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