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Hi, It's me, Salem reporting again. Sorry it has been so long since my last letter. I have been sitting on the deck at Jer's house waiting for winter. I love to play in the snow. I guess I have to accept the fact that it's not coming.

Now that March is here it is time to remind everyone to not forget heartworm, flea, and tick prevention. With the heartworm it is very important to prevent using one of the many treatments available. All of these are monthly treatments. This year the drug, interceptor, is not available. Jer told me it is not known when it will be back. If that was your previous choice talk to any of the Doctors or technicians about an alternative. Don't forget to start soon because the medicine for treatment of dogs with heartworm has also been hard to get. There is no excuse for not using a preventative medication.

With the mild winter we will also see more fleas and ticks. The ticks never did go away this winter. This is another medication to start early.

The animal hospital does offer a service for clients to get medications and foods delivered to your house. As long as your record is up to date and the medications are ones used before, this would save the hassle of driving to the hospital and having to carry heavy bags of food. If you have questions talk to the receptionists or Nikki who is in charge of the service.

The old man (Jer the part time vet) is now doing office calls Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons. As he starts to get stronger he will work two nights and see more patients during the day.

Well I need to go eat my rawhide treat. Talk to you again soon.

-- Salem

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