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Hi, it's me, Salem. Happy Spring to everyone. Personally, I like the snow and cold of winter, but my old friend Jer, not so much. You should hear him whine about shoveling a little deck and walkway.

The ending of winter means it's time to think about heartworms, fleas, and ticks. Many of you will soon get reminders to start your heartworm meds in April. If you missed any month last year or started after April, you will need to retest. The past few years ticks and tick-borne disease have increased a lot. If you take your friends to woods, fields or parks, consider getting meds to treat for both fleas and ticks.

I personally take heartgard (I really like these) and Advantix April through November or December. Remember that most of these medications also prevent intestinal parasites.

Back to the old man, I think he is finally done with all his tests and should soon be on the kidney transplant list. To all of the wonderful friends, who said they would test themselves, I do know that you have to have either blood type A or O. It doesn't matter if they are positive or negative. We will soon have a number to call.

The staff has been painting the rooms at the hospital. I think it really perks the place up. They are all turning out to be good painters.

On a sad note, one of the most long term receptionists, Julie Livecchi, recently lost her mom. Those of you who know Julie may want to send a card to her at the hospital. I am sure she would appreciate it.

Thanks for listening to me - Salem

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