Salem's Corner Spring 2011

Salem's Corner


Hi its me again, Salem. Are you getting tired of me yet? It's a good thing I write this column because Jerry is too lazy to do it.

Well, April is here. I have had my first treatment to prevent heartworm and tick infestation. Even though we are not in a terrible area for heartworms, it is so much easier to prevent it. There is treatment if your friend gets the parasites, but it is expensive and risky. Prevention is so much better.

With the ticks, again there are not a lot of cases of tick borne disease, but they are difficult to diagnose and hard to treat. Often, once infected, we live with the disease the rest of our lives. That is why I get lyme vaccines yearly and treated with Advantix every month. It's better to prevent a problem and not have to treat it.

Watch what your friends eat now that the snow is gone. All the junk that was buried is now exposed. I myself eat everything I can find. Then I spend the rest of the night passing gas in front of Jer.

Last item, it is finally ok for people who have expressed a desire to donate a kidney, Strong is taking names and doing blood tests. If you are interested you can call 275-7753. They will have a line for donations. You need to tell them it is for Gerald Balonek. You can call the office and talk to Penny or Johnna for information. Thank you, I really want to keep Jer around for awhile.

Happy Easter - Salem

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