Salem's Corner Spring 2010


Hi, it's me again. Dr. Balonek (I know him as Jerry) is too lazy to write this so once again it's up to me. The first day of spring has just passed. This means it is time for all of you dog owners to think about getting your friends on heart worm medicine. This is a mosquito spread disease that is fatal if not treated. It's very easy to prevent. There are several different meds that can be used. All of them are once a month, which makes it easy to use.

With Easter almost upon us, please think twice before buying your children baby rabbits, chicks, or ducklings. Remember they do grow up and will require special care. Suddenly, the full grown chicken or duck may not be as appealing and it's difficult to find places to take them. If you prepare ahead and have a proper setup, then enjoy. If not, pick another pet. (like guinea pigs), that are easier to care for.

This is also the time of year to think about flea and tick prevention. The ticks are already here. Fleas won't start until we get a hot/moist week of weather. Again, there are many different monthly meds. Ask any of the lovely receptionists, captivating technicians, or perky vets to help choose the best med for your pet.

- Salem

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