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Hi Everyone-

It's your favorite lab, Salem. At least I am Jer's favorite. It's getting closer to mid August, I hope that cats and dogs are all being treated well to avoid heat problems. Remember it doesn't take long, especially in cars.

Anyone having problems affording heartworm medications can ask their Animal Hospital to write a prescription for Pet Trust. This is a generic medication that is the same as Heartgard. It does require a prescription, but will save money, especially for owners of large dogs or multiple dogs. Please remember to give us our protection.

Three weeks ago Jer asked if I wanted to go for a ride to Dansville to see our friend Bob. He said he was going to get a baby turkey. I wasn't sure what that was so I asked him. After he told me I assumed it would be my pet and if things got hard I could eat it. Can't tell you how upset I was when told it would be the new hospital mascot, replacing Bill. I do remember Bill, who was a cool goose that walked the wild life area.

So we drove to Dansville (boy the old guy sure does stop a lot for bathroom visits.) Jer got the little turkey and started home. I have to tell you, I have never heard anything peep so much. I was now starting to think of eating it again!

When we got home I finally got to see the little noise maker. It actually was kind of cute, but it did try to bite me.

It spent the next couple of days in an incubator at home. I do like it but after hour upon hour of peeping I started thinking of Thanksgiving. Sorry!!! I am a hunting dog.

After two days we took big mouth to the hospital and left it in the care of Penny. Under her care it has already tripled in size. We are still not sure if it's a hen or a tom and still don't have a name for it. If any of the 23 people who read my column have an idea please call.

I'll try to keep you updated on the turkey's progress. Feel free to visit on your next trip to East Ridge Animal Hospital.

-- Salem

P.S. Take your owner for a walk.

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