Salem's Corner Winter 2010 - 2011

Salem's Corner


Hi, It's your favorite lab, Salem. Maybe that should be your favorite lab who writes a column. It's now September. Please remember there will still be more hot days coming up. Be careful of your pets.

The hospital is still seeing too many parvo virus cases. In particular, young rottweilers and pit bulls seem most susceptible. This is completely preventable by making sure your pup has its vaccine. They need some form of distemper/parvo every 3-4 weeks from 5-6 weeks thru 16 weeks. I know when I was young it seemed horrible getting that many injections, But I am healthy now and I do come to work with old Jer so there is always a chance of exposure. I know it seems like I get a lot of shots, (Jer says they are vaccines, not shots) but they only vaccinate for what is important. There are some vaccines that are only given to dogs and cats with potential exposure. For example, cats that live completely indoors don? need leukemia vaccines.

Watch for fleas. This time of the year they increase in numbers. Once we get 1-2 heavy frosts they will be gone outdoors. Ticks won't go until we get snow. As much as we don't like winter, it does get rid of the external parasites. Personally, I love the snow. You should hear the old man complain about it.

For those interested in Jer's health, the good news is there is a date for his surgery. Hopefully everything goes well and on October 25th he will have a new kidney. It is impossible to thank the people who tested to be donors. Personally, it will be great to have my best friend healthy again.

Thanks for listening to me - Salem

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