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At Eastridge Animal Hospital, we know that the animals in our lives serve many important roles and we understand the bond between you and your pet. We value the unconditional love and joy they provide. We believe in providing excellent veterinary care to your pets at an affordable price. We now provide cold laser therapy for those pets suffering from arthritic pain, fractures, post surgery pain, and more. If you are wondering if laser therapy will benefit your pet, please call and speak with a member of our staff.

          Salem’s Corner

Hi It’s Dr. Balonek. I’m finally updating Salem’s Corner. An injury has kept me out of work for over 1 ½ years. I’m still trying to come back to work but I am 103 years old! It’s been hard writing these updates without Salem at my side! As we all know, our pets don’t live long enough. Remember to continue Heartworm and flea/tick prevention. The ticks especially, have no off season. If you have dogs for pets and have been at Eastridge recently, I hope you have seen the information on dog foods.  Grain free foods have been linked to potential heart disease. As you know, we have always recommended diets with more than just meat. Stick with name brand foods. Pet stores have huge numbers of different dog food, as do grocery stores (which sell very good dog foods). It’s not a large percentage that eat grain free that have the heart issues but if you have fed these to your dogs, mention it to the doctors on your next visit. If you want a list of dog foods connected to this, check google or click here for a link.  If you don’t already know, New York passed a bill making declawing illegal. Most likely, ear cropping is not far behind. I won’t annoy you with my own opinions, but I imagine shelters will see an increase in cats. The age of dog spays is also changing, we have always tried to stay before the first heat cycle. This almost 100% stops the risk of breast cancer. This still holds true for smaller breeds (less than 30#). There is now evidence that early spaying in large breeds may lead to orthopedic issues. In particular, ruptured anterior cruciate ligaments. This is still new information. Talk to your doctor about the benefits of early versus older spays. Remember, the older the spay, the more expensive. With Halloween just behind us, remember not to let your pet eat chocolate. Small amounts may not be toxic but why chance it! Question of the Month: Have any of you ever seen a greyhound puppy? I never have! Bye for now, I will try to write more frequently. Jerry Balonek

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We are a wildlife rehab facility. If you have an injured wildlife, please contact us at (585) 467-2120 before dropping animals off at our office.  


Vaccinations help keep your pet healthy, please consult one of our veterinarians about the right vaccines for your pet.
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